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In the 1940’s Manuel Fonseca Junior, the founder, father and grandfather of the current partners, born in Mafamude-V.N. de Gaia, home to excellent professionals in cast iron art, set up in the borough of Viatodos-Barcelos.

It was here he developed his knowledge and art of handling iron, providing, chiefly in the farms of the area with mansion houses, the richness which characterised the latter with the construction of cast iron gates and bars, deploying the technique which was characteristic of a time when the art of good construction was the pride of great craftsmen.
Fernando Pinto da Fonseca e Silva, who followed in his father’s footsteps ever since he was a child, learned the technique whilst concurrently developing the construction of firewood stoves, an activity which in the meantime became an exclusive one under his administration.

Fogões Fonseca today has a brand image in Portugal and in the world and its heirs have maintained the tradition, improving the product over time and according to the state of the markets. Based on their vast experience and without imitations, every day they develop new, effective solutions for cooking, taking advantage of alternative energies to produce sanitary hot water and central heating.

They have been pioneers in Portugal of the firewood stove with vitroceramic cooktop, getting the most out of all its value.

In terms of the hotel industry, they make very sturdy stoves with one or two ovens which satisfy many prestigious, quality restaurants in Portugal by maintaining flavour and a healthy diet.

Fogões Fonseca has been assuring what it has always promised: maintaining quality, sturdiness and effectiveness. The key to customer satisfaction, an age-old tradition, is the provision of good work.


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